Mans closetSo much to choose fromSo much to choose from and nothing to wear

September 27, 2014 Roseville, California
9:00 AM- 5:00 PM $125.00

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Gillian Maxwell – 916-583-8207 or
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This Workshop is designed for women who want to learn the basic principles of how to dress well. You will explore the importance of color, proportion and fit and how, when combined and applied correctly, they can enhance your assets while at the same time camouflaging those areas that you would rather not draw attention too. Simply put…how to look your best all the time.

Create an easy to coordinate look and maximize your wardrobe options by learning to select the Warm or Cool color palette that will best suit your personal coloring. You will leave class knowing which color family is best for you and how that makes wardrobe selection easier. (Individual color swatches are not available)

Your personal style can make you shine and feel terrific every day. Using hands on tools you will learn tips and techniques to identify and expand your personal style. In addition, we will discuss the role of the fashion industry and how to adapt these influences and make shopping easier in your everyday life.

Core wardrobing will allow you to add different looks at will and save money when shopping. You will learn how to create a core wardrobe that is applicable to your current needs and lifestyle. Clothing basics ready to build upon will maximize your clothing options for all areas of your life.

How to use your new tools to make shopping more fun, productive and effortless

Change your look and maximize the core pieces in your closet with accessories that add a personal and unique flare to your everyday look.

It is my hope that participants arrive with an open mind, a desire to learn and be ready to implement new tools to create lasting change. Every attempt will be made to answer participant’s questions within the scope of the workshop. However, due to the group dynamic, intense individualized attention for any one participant isn’t possible.

If you are experiencing a particular challenge that requires one on one attention you might consider a personal consultation.