“I am a sales manager, returning to the business world after a five year stint as a pastry chef. Needless to say, my wardrobe and professional style needed a real overhaul and I hate to shop! Gillian helped me decide which of my current pieces I should keep, and 1-women-love-shoppingto understand why. She showed me how to combine them in ways I wouldn’t have considered. She addressed colors, styles, and basics for my body type and size. Our shopping adventure was a treat – I felt like a pampered star! Gillian took me to stores I’ve long avoided, pre-shopping to find new favorites for my wardrobe before I even arrived! While I still don’t love to shop, I now understand exactly what I’m looking for, and am building a professional wardrobe that makes me feel confident and polished.”     – Martha Halper
“Until I worked with Gillian I had no idea what I didn’t know when it came to my clothing and all the subtle details that create a polished and professional appearance. I found the depth of her knowledge boundless as I realized I had so much to learn. She Mens detail viewhelped me understand the crucial importance of the details, in the overall first impression I make and as we worked together, her attention to detail left nothing unchecked or left to chance. Knowing that I looked professional and pulled together on camera came as a relief, leaving me feeling confident and able to focus on the important work ahead of me. Gillian’s timely follow-up compounded with her high level of professionalism made her a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so in the future.” – Louis Young
“Gillian’s knowledge of her industry is so evident when you meet her.  She is always well-dressed and her clothing and accessories are beautifully coordinated.  During our shopping trip, Gillian helped me choose flattering and fashionable items to add to my wardrobe.  She gave me some pointers on the kind of accessories to wear that have a slimming effect.  Gillian’s talent was proven when I received many compliments about my new outfits!” - Brandy Reissig
“I met Gillian by chance – a friend posted her workshop on Facebook.  It sounded intriguing and since I HATE to shop, I thought I would sign up.  We met beforehand so I could get a clear understanding of what I could expect from her expertise.  After our initial meeting, I knew I had made the right choice.  Gillian is approachable, knowledgeable, intelligent, funny, professional and genuinely wants to share what she knows with others (and make them look good too!).  I am a lazy person when it comes to clothes.  I have a ”black and white with “pops” of color” approach to dressing.  Okay, Blue jacket detailmy friends actually notice when I take the time to wear a color other than black, white or gray.  Enter, Gillian’s workshop!  Once I learned what colors actually made me look good and understanding why 3/4 sleeves don’t work best for me, it changed me forever.  Gillian has an art for taking the emotion out of your size and helped me understand that a great Tailor is a girl’s best friend.  I had the opportunity to shop with her and in 3 hours Gillian selected clothes for me to try on as well as giving honest feedback.  I had the luxury of staying in the dressing room while she did all the work.  I walked away from Macy’s with 11 quality/timeless garments for winter at a very low cost of $500.00.  I felt rejuvenated and happy that color can flatter me with the proper guidance.  I trust her … THANKS GILLIAN!!!”  -Karen Bohmer