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About Gillian

Beginning at a young age Gillian Maxwell was drawn to clothing and the message it sends out to our world. Completing her degree in Fashion Merchandising, Design and Clothing Construction with advanced studies at, UCLA School of Design and at The Paris American Academy for Fashion Design was just the beginning of the journey that marked her arrival to her ultimate goal of working as a Wardrobe Consultant. Gillian helps her clients with their clothing needs from the clearing out of old, tired items to the final details that create a Five Star Wardrobe. Whether working with you in your home or your local stores she provides peace of mind by helping refine and identify your individual needs resulting in a streamlined, pulled together wardrobe that allows you to get dressed in the morning knowing that the image you present is one that will get you where you want to be.

How appearance makes the difference in the business world

As you dressed for work one morning you anticipated your average work day and as you left the house you gave yourself the cursory glance in the mirror and thought, “That works”. After arriving at the office your boss asks … Continue reading

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