Beginning at a young age Gillian Maxwell was drawn to clothing and the message it sends out to our world. Completing her degree in Fashion Merchandising, Design and Clothing Construction with advanced studies at, UCLA School of Design and at The Paris American Academy for Fashion Design was just the beginning of the journey that marked her arrival to her ultimate goal of working as a Wardrobe  Consultant.

Gillian draws daily, upon her comprehensive knowledge of how fabric, fit and design work on the body as she guides her male and Gillian Maxwell of Distinctively Dressed IIfemale clients through the process of discovering what it feels like, to get dressed with ease in the morning and love what they see in the mirror!  She most often works with busy professionals that place a high value on achieving the balance between a busy work and active personal life.

In her off hours Gillian enjoys fabulous food, dancing, entertaining, travel and enjoying time spent with good friends.