At Distinctively Dressed you will find specific solutions aimed at creating a first impression that will always get you a second glance! Enhancing the way you communicate through your visual presentation creates confidence and credibility. Working from the inside out, we help you identify or reinvent your personal style allowing you to base your buying decisions on sound, practical assessments with consideration for your body type, personal coloring and the current needs of your lifestyle.

Gillian helps her clients with their clothing needs from the clearing out of old, tired items to the final details that create a Five Star Gillian Maxwell of Distinctively DressedWardrobe. Whether working with you in your home or the local stores she provides peace of mind by helping identify and prioritize your individual needs. You will own a streamlined, pulled together wardrobe that allows you to get dressed in the morning knowing that the image you present is one that will move you towards personal and professional success!